These are the voyages….

By Erich Pilcher

“Regardless of who wins, as someone with an AA in Journalism, I’m going to say THE UNITED STATES MEDIA IS FLAWED, DAMAGED AND UNRELIABLE. The polls would lead people to believe that Biden should have won by a landslide. Those projections are wrong.

Media outlets pushed these numbers as empirical, when at best they were laughable. I’m disgusted with my former profession. We are supposed to watchdog for the people. What we have become is a lap dog for the left. This narrative was pushed to discourage Trump voters, to make it easier for Biden. If you try and dispute that, then you are the people the media have misled.

I have had many great memories as a journalist. Tonight I’m announcing I can no longer partake in that profession. I have been a nationally published writer, photographer, web writer, on air DJ, production assistant and so forth. My disgust at what I have seen the last 4 years and honor I have far exceeds the memories. I cannot do this any longer. I have defended the media and there is nothing I can defend anymore. I will not seek journalism or public relations jobs any longer. Nor will I blog or do podcasts. This is because I cannot be apart of an industry that promotes such falsehoods.

I realize I’m just another spoke in the wheel. But hopefully, my words make ONE person realize the flaws and deceptive nature of the media. If it does that then this was all worth it.”
Erich Pilcher, Facebook post . Nov 3 2020

I admit to writing this and stand behind MOST of it. The shorter statement would be what I no longer agree with. That would be my decision to quit blogging.

Maybe, that decision was made in emotional haste. I didn’t think so until recently when I had an idea. For me to return to blogging, I made the decision it had to be something positive. Something that would not be divisive, negative, political or feed into COVID-19 hysteria (being fearful of it or dismissing it. Both are ridiculous).

But what can I write then? Those are all hot button issues and frankly readers drive a blog. Then I realized something, If I did not care about readers, stats or “page hits”; then I’m truly free to do whatever I want. That is what really began to excite me.

In 1964, freelance writer Gene Roddenberry created “Star Trek” (it premiered in 1966). His idea was to create a western for the stars. But what he did was create a universe where people were united. This was despite race, creed, orientation, religious/political affiliation. With this year being his 100th birthday (Roddenberry passed in October 1991), I felt I had a way to honor him and his creation.

Gene Roddenberry. The man who created Star Trek or “Wagon Train to the stars”
Courtesy: Google images

I have been a fan of Star Trek since I was a child. My summers were spent waiting for Star Trek The Original Series to air at 10:35 PM on my local ABC Affiliate KCRG-TV9 (The Next Generation would normally air but during the summer they would switch it up). No matter what I would be in front of the TV at 6:00 pm every Saturday night for the latest new episode of the Next Generation. My heroes were Captain Kirk and Lt Worf (I was Worf for Halloween for 3 consecutive years). I loved the movies and have no shame in admitting my eyes were quite misty at the end of Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan (if you don’t know, please watch and find out). My fandom has run all the way up to present day

Why would this make me misty eyed? Guess you are going to have to read on to find out…..
Courtesy: Google images

Coming soon, I will begin a blog about my journey of binge watching Star Trek (it will be housed here on this site, so you wont have far to go). I will start with the Original Series. Then go through the Animated Series, movies I-VI, The Next Generation and then movies VII-X. For each season or film there will be a blog post. I will search through tomes of Star Trek lore to find facts about each episode and film. In each post I will discuss the best episode, the worst episode, the underrated and overrated. This will also include the aforementioned facts that I find that are interesting and include them as well. I will also include annotation for each fact so you can check it out yourself and probably find something I missed.

I hope you will join me on the journey through the Final Frontier. I welcome debate, questions and suggestions. Lets hit warp drive from all the negative in this world and boldly go where no person has gone before!!!!!!

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